About the project
3D Software are expensive and many artists hesitate to invest such a big sum without knowing if Cinema 4D will be permanent part of their workflow.
Short term licenses offer them the possibility to use the full-fledged version over a defined period of time. In this way, they can create work for a short project or as a trial before any commitment.
As part of the marketing team, I was in charge of design, marketing copy and the front-end development of a landing page that will
• give customers necessary info about the products available
• compare the new products with the standard products
• present reasons why one can be a better choice over the other
• provide pricing in a clear manner
• smoothly guide customers to their corresponding web shop for purchase
A/B Testing
Initially, I designed two layouts and ran a month-long A/B test to determine its effectiveness through analyzing some KPIs such as Goal Completion, CTA clicks, visitors to contact ratio and bounce rate. 
The first design fared much better than second.
Responsive Design
It was also important to ensure that the landing page would look and function well on any device. I determined how each element should flow and what design would work best on varying screen sizes.
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